8 Food Markets in Westminster to Check Out

8 Food Markets in Westminster to Check Out

It is no surprise that London has many food markets dispersed across the city. These food markets have some of London’s most tastiest delights. Here we will go over 8 food markets that are in the Westminster district of London.

Market Halls in Victoria

Market Halls has three locations that house twenty-four different kitchens. The Market Hall Victoria was once a dance hall turned food hall. The market offers three stories of eight different kitchens with over sixty dishes.

In the morning, visitors can enjoy pastries and coffee at Everbean. During lunch and dinner times. Londoners have their choice of everything from barbecue at Hotbox to pasta at Pasta Evangelist, or from Malaysian food at Gopal’s Corner to dumplings at Baoziin or tacos at DF Tacos. There truly is something for everyone in the group at Market Hall Victoria.

The Victoria Market Hall is open seven days a week. Monday through Friday they open at 9 a and close at 10 pm Monday and Tuesday and 11 pm the rest of the nights. On the weekends they open a little later at 10:30 am. It is advisable to avoid the lunchtime rush. The closest tube station is Victoria.

Tachbrook Street Market in Pimlico

Tachbrook Street Market sells everything from household goods to luxury food. The market includes fresh produce and stalls selling fish, meat, and cheeses. There are also stalls that have hot and ready food for lunch or dinner.

The food stalls include places from all different cultures like middle eastern, Lebanese or Japanese. Some favorite foods include falafel, gnocchi, chicken sumac, and caglar kebab. The market also has a decent amount of vegan and vegetarian options.

The market is open from 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday and the closest tube station is Pimlico or Victoria.

Strutton Ground Market in St. James

The Strutton Ground Market is a small street market located on a quaint cobble stone street. The food stalls have grab and go meals that include dishes from Mexican to Indian and from Jamaican to Falafel. It is a hidden spot as it normally serves the office workers and residents but can be a great stop for tourists as well.

The market is open Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm. It is centrally located between Victoria, Westminster, and Parliament, and the closest tube station is St. James Park.

Kingly Court in Carnaby

Kingly Court offers guests three stories of London’s culinary delights. The building hosts twenty-one vendors that include cafes, bars, and restaurants. In the morning, Londoners can enjoy breakfast at The Good Egg or a pastry at Crumbs and Doilies. In the early afternoon, many grab smoothies from Acai Berry. Although food is enjoyed all day, the fun really starts at night with delicious drinks from Cahoots, Le Bar, or The Rum Kitchen Carnaby. Guests can enjoy meals from Greek cuisine to Japanese, and from ceviche to pizza. There is sure to be something for everyone at Kingly Court.

The closest tube station is Piccadilly Court.

Market Halls at Oxford Street

Much like the Market Hall on Victoria, the one on Oxford Street also houses eight restaurants, plus two bars.

Market Hall Oxford has a few restaurants that are the same as Victoria like Pasta Evangelists, DF Tacos, Baoziin, and Gopal’s Corner. However, they have a few of their own as well. Londoners can enjoy sushi at Inamo Sukoshi, kebabs at Le Bab, or chicken dishes at Chick Chick Crew.

Every day from 5pm to 7pm guests can enjoy happy hour where they can get some of their favorite drinks half off. Each Thursday starting at 6pm guests can listen to a live performer, or every Friday at 6pm a DJ plays some of the latest hits.

Market Hall on Oxford Street is open from 11am daily and closes at 10pm Monday and Tuesday and 11pm all other days. The closest tube station is Oxford Street.

Seven Dials Market

Seven Dials Market is a multi-level food court that offers some of the hippest micro-restaurants and bars. The market also houses a bookshop and event space that often has live music.

Seven Dials Market is broken up into to areas. The Banana Warehouse houses most of the restaurants and Cucumber Alley offers restaurants offering snacks and pastries.

The Banana Warehouse is the main attraction with two stories of vendors. Guests can enjoy barbecue dishes at From the Ashes, filipino food at Bong Bongs, Latino fried chicken at El Pollote. There is also Club Mexicana, Yum Bun, Truffles, Nanban, and Curry on Naanstop. If you want a unique experience, head to Pick and Cheese which offers cheese dishes on a conveyer belt, or if you are having a sweet tooth, check out Longboys for their delicious one-of-a-kind donuts.

Cucumber Alley is the best place to grab a snack or dessert. For something savory, guests can try Naanstop Express for delicious naan sandwiches, or can get some delicious dumplings at Oshpaz Dumplings. There are numerous options here for dessert. Deekenek has luxury waffles, Boolay Crepes is known for their crepe cones with crème brulée piped in the middle, or Wheelcake Island makes fluffy Taiwanese pancakes with cream filling. They also have Soft Serve Society and Ong Ong Buns.

Seven Dials Market is open seven days a week starting at 11am. The market closes at 10pm Monday and Tuesday, 11pm Wednesday through Saturday, and 9pm on Sundays. It is located on Earlham Street close to Covent Garden tube station.

Berwick Street Market

Berwick Street Market is one of the oldest markets in London dating back to the late 1700’s. Today the market includes florists, fruit and vegetable stands, and an array of food vendors. There is truly something for everyone’s taste at Berwick Street Market. The vendors include food from all over the world. Some of the most notable are the Spanish paella at Paella Fellas, Indian curries at Quick Bites, Egyptian pitta sandwiches from Wow Shees, or Greek food at Greek2Go. There is also Filty Coffee, Freebird Burritos, Continental Bread, and so many more.

The market is open Monday through Saturday from 8am to 6pm; however, not all vendors are there every day.

Street Food Union in Soho

Street Food Union is located in the heart of London’s trendy Soho neighborhood. The food market is on Rupert Street and has a collection of covered stalls with different venues that offer takeaway. Some notable bites are the duck wrap from Confit Street, the cheese and candy bacon burger from Burger Boy’s, or the Vietnamese noodle salad from Nha Trang Kitchen.

This market is open during lunch hours Monday through Friday. The closest tube stations is either Piccadilly Circus or Leicester.

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