Best Theatre Shows in London

On any given night, London has an array of different shows to choose from. Whether you are looking for a musical, a play, a kid’s show, or something more interactive, London has you covered. Here we will go over a few of the best theatre shows in London at this moment.

Classic Theatre Shows Playing in London

There are many shows playing in London that have been popular for over ten years. There is a reason why these shows are still in production today. The following are just a few of these award-winning shows.

Moulin Rouge: The Musical

Moulin Rouge is a spectacular musical that shows the love story between the lovesick writer Christian and the dazzling singer, Satine. This show is performing at Piccadilly Theatre until October 2022. The art deco décor of Piccadilly Theatre makes this the perfect theatre for a show based in Paris.

Mama Mia!

Even after twenty years, Mama Mia is still a huge hit! The upbeat show is told around the songs from the group ABBA. Mama Mia is playing at Novello Theatre until the beginning of October 2022.

To Kill a Mockingbird

This stage adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the newest plays to hit the West End and is based off the classic of the same name. Although the play centers around the original characters of Scout and Atticus, this play by Alan Sorkin takes on a new perspective of the original story. The show will be performing at the Gielgud Theatre starting in March of 2022.

The Book of Mormon

Written by the creators of South Park, The Book of Mormon has been going strong for nearly ten years. The musical is a satirical look at the beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This production is at the Prince of Wales Theatre until the end of June 2022.


Jerusalem is playing at the gorgeous Apollo Theatre until the beginning of August 2022. The show centers around Rooster, a drunk that lives in a trailer in the country of England. You wouldn’t want to miss the Academy Award winning actor Mark Rylance playing the main character in this production.

Family Theatre Shows in London

While not every theatre show in London is meant for the whole family, there are quite a few that tick the box! These shows are great for the whole family, and even some for the younger ones!

Back to the Future

This fun production of Back to the Future is a great show for all ages. The musical is based off the movie but includes upbeat songs and spectacular dances. The writers of this musical are the original co-writers of the movie, Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis, which means this show is sure to be a hit! Back to the Future is playing at the Adelphi Theatre until July 2022.

Dirty Dancing

The iconic Dirty Dancing is playing at the Dominion Theatre until mid-April 2022. This fun and lively play brings the audience upbeat music and sexy dancing. The production follows the same storyline from the movie.


Wicked, which opened on Broadway in 2003 is still going strong today. The musical is based off the novel with the same name and tells the untold story of the Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba. This musical is playing at Apollo Victoria Theatre until the end of November 2022.

Frozen the Musical

Frozen the Musical is a great play for the young ones. This newly-renovated show is playing at Theatre Royal Drury Lane until the end of October 2022. The show has all of the great songs from the movie, plus a few surprises for the Frozen fans.

Different Theatre Shows in London

If you are looking for something a little different in the theatre field, there are a few interactive or immersion plays happening in London. These plays bring you into the play by making you one of the characters. Roam around different rooms to see the full picture of the theatrical performance.

The Great Gatsby: Immersive London

If you want something fun and exciting, The Great Gatsby is playing at the Gatsby’s Mansion until the end of October 2022. This unique play puts you among the guest at Gatsby’s famous parties. Guests will be able to mingle among Gatsby and his friends while listening to red-hot jazz, dancing the Charleston, and sipping on moonshine.

The Burnt City

The Burnt City is another interactive play that is playing in Woolwich at One Cartridge Place until August 2022. This immersive production plays in two buildings. This is a modern-day adaptation of Aeschylus’s “Agamemnon” and Euripide’s “Hecuba”. It tells the story of the fall of Troy and has about sixty rooms to roam around.


This fun and flashy show is playing at Playhouse Theatre until the beginning of October 2022. The musical is a revival of the original 1966 production, which later became a movie. What makes this play extra unique is the 1882 grand playhouse in which it is performed. The playhouse has transformed into a 1930’s cabaret club, and even has pre-show drinks and dinner which is served at your table.

Much Ado About Nothing

It is not so much the play itself, but the location of the production which makes this show different. Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing is playing at the Globe Theatre from the end of April to the end of October. Any show at the Globe theatre is sure to be spectacular. The Globe was created as a replica of the 1599 theatre. Today, audience members can pay £5 to stand in the yard or splurge a bit more for one of the gallery seats. Much Ado About Nothing is one of Shakespeare’s comedies and is sure to be a great adaptation.

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