Top 3 parks in London

Top 3 Parks in Central London

London has some amazingly beautiful green spaces that can be found all around the city. On any given nice day, you will find the student studying under the shade of a tree, a group of […]
Museums to visit in London

Museums to visit in London

Whether you are looking for history, culture, or art, London has you covered with one of the many museums the city has to offer. Here we will go over the top 15 museums in London […]
8 Food Markets in Westminster to Check Out

8 Food Markets in Westminster to Check Out

It is no surprise that London has many food markets dispersed across the city. These food markets have some of London’s most tastiest delights. Here we will go over 8 food markets that are in […]

Best Theatre Shows in London

On any given night, London has an array of different shows to choose from. Whether you are looking for a musical, a play, a kid’s show, or something more interactive, London has you covered. Here […]
Blog Park Lane

The perfect place for your short stay in London

There are millions of places to visit in London. Monuments, markets, churches, palaces, museums, parks, beautiful neighbourhoods, etc. London is one of the most historic and culturally vibrant cities in the world. Probably, for this […]

Top 7 amazing cocktail bars in London

Cocktail bars are iconic places with history and a very gourmet touch, perfect places for gastronomic tourism. That’s why Park Lane Apartment wants to bring you the 7 best cocktail bars in the world, which […]

Fabulous holidays close to the famous Jermyn Street

Jermyn Street, elegant and discreet, this street running parallel to the famed and wide Piccadilly. It is a one-lane, one-way street, half a kilometer long, close to the latest gentlemen’s clubs and Clarence House, the […]
London eye Park Lane Apartments

Your luxury holiday starts at Park Lane Apartments

Culture, gastronomic experience, theatre, museums, literature, architecture… Elegant and glamorous experiences for all tastes are what you can find in London. An unmissable route through the trendiest side of The Town. Park Lane Apartments shows […]
Zuma Restaurant

Indulge in the ultimate fine dining experience during your stay in Park Lane Apartments

As promised in our latest blog post, we are delighted to reveal the top four fine dining restaurants located in the heart of Mayfair, which offer a wide range of cuisines, private dining and even […]
Shopping in London with Park Lane Apartments

Where to go shopping in central London: The stores you can not miss

London is a city full of shopping streets, and Park Lane Apartments is in the center of the whole city to make your stay and your shopping easier. From our luxury apartments in London you […]

Enjoy your holiday in Hotel Apartments

Hotel apartments in London are constructed on the same concept of hotels and are owned by hotel companies. The lobby at the central area of the hotel is shared by both the occupants of the […]

Choose Park Lane London Serviced Apartments for a Comfortable Stay

London is a popular destination in the world where travelers from across the globe visit the city throughout the year. Making the arrangement of an accommodation is one of the essential part when traveling to […]

Renowned hotel owners are running the Hotel Apartments

The serviced apartments in London are located at prominent points that are well connected with the other parts of the city. A good range of services is offered by such lodging facilities that make this […]

Your Guide to the Best Mayfair Shopping Experiences

If you’re planning an incredible short stay in Mayfair, complete with a stop over in your very own stunning London serviced apartment, then you’re going to need to dedicate at least part of your visit […]

Exploring Mayfair with Children: Tourist Ideas for all Ages

Park Lane isn’t just a place to hang out with some of the world’s most famous fashionistas and sip from the glass of luxury, it’s also a wonderful way to introduce the entire family to […]

Get a Taste of the High Life with London’s Best Rooftop Bars

If you’re dreaming of cocktails during your short stay in Mayfair, then there are plenty of great locations to do just that – just around the corner from your central London serviced apartments. The rustic […]

Discover another Side of Park Lane with Central London Pubs

Park Lane has long been recognised as one of the favourite haunts for the rich and famous of London – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find some home comfort and welcoming experiences too. […]

Autumn Attractions to Visit During Your Short Stay in Mayfair

You don’t often hear about travelling to London in the autumn, but what you might not know is that it’s one of the best times of the year to visit the city. Sure, summer is […]

Discover London Off the Beaten Track

If you take regular stays in our central London serviced apartments, you may be starting to think that Buckingham Palace and The Tower of London just aren’t quite as exciting as they once were. Wonderful […]

Add Some Roman History to Your Short Stay in Mayfair

We love London’s big attractions as much as the next man, but there’s something special about finding a more unusual selection of tourist attractions during your short stay in Mayfair. As many of you may […]

West End Shows to See During Your Short Stay in Mayfair

London’s West End is famous for its theatre – and in particular, its musicals. Some of the world’s most famous musicals have premiered in these theatres, and there are few things better to do during […]

Celebrate 2017 Diwali in London!

Whether you’re celebrating Diwali yourself, or just looking to celebrate a bit of culture, there’s a whole host of exciting events going on for Diwali in London. It might not be every day that you […]

Your Short Stay in Mayfair: The Best Autumn Pop-Ups

There’s something rather compelling about the feeling of visiting a pop-up restaurant or gallery. Perhaps there’s just something about knowing that whatever you’re doing you’ll never be able to do the exact same thing again […]

London’s Finest Walking Routes

Whether you’re looking to complete a full day’s hike, or just looking for somewhere to spend an afternoon’s stroll during your short stay in Mayfair, London is just filled with exciting walkways that you may […]

London Art Galleries Right By Your Mayfair Serviced Apartments

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned art buff, a fly-by culture lover, or just someone who appreciates a bit of classical art, there’s certainly an art gallery for everyone in London. And what’s even better […]

FREE Airport Transfer When You Book Direct with Park Lane

Let’s be honest – nobody wants to be stuck waiting for a taxi outside the airport after a long flight. You want the peace of mind of knowing exactly where, how, and when you’re going […]

3 Incredible Mayfair Michelin Starred Restaurants

If you’ve come all the way to London to enjoy your short stay in Mayfair, you’ll almost certainly want to dine in style while you’re here. After all, what’s Mayfair all about if not a […]

Best 2017 Christmas Markets to Enjoy On a Short Stay in Mayfair

Are you looking for some of the most exciting places to spend time and money this Christmas? Well luckily, as ever, London looks set to be awash with exciting destinations and opportunities this year – […]

Historic Days out Within an Hour of Your London Serviced Apartment

If you’ve exhausted all the many historical attractions near your London serviced apartment, then you might be looking for something a little more exotic further out of the way. Luckily, due to some fantastic transport […]

3 Tips for a Christmas Short Stay in Mayfair to Remember

If you’re planning a Christmas getaway in London then you’re surely in for a holiday season to remember. London is truly beautiful this time of year, and taking the opportunity to see the city lit […]

Where to Catch the London Fireworks this New Year’s Eve

What are you planning on doing this New Year’s Eve in London? Like many people, you might want to catch the fireworks in all their glory, but queuing up for hours in the right street […]

Disused London Tube Stations to Explore from Mayfair

If you’re something of a casual London tube fan, you may be interested to know that the London Underground network is absolutely filled with exciting, disused platforms, stations and even whole railways. And while these […]

Top Japanese Restaurants to Enjoy During a Short Stay in Mayfair

While Japanese Cuisine might not be what London is famous for, it certainly has some phenomenal options to offer. In fact, it’s probably not too far-fetched a statement to suggest that London is home to […]

The Best Central London Museums You’ve Never Heard Of

If you’ve been to London a few times before, chances are you’ve just about had your fill of the British Museum, The Science Museum and The V&A. And fantastic as these museums might well be, […]

Top 3 Pizza Restaurants in Mayfair

London is renowned for its diverse and world class cuisine, and there’s no difference where pizza is concerned. If you want to sample some of the best pizzas outside of Italy then London is the […]

Valentine’s Day at Your London Serviced Apartments

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day certainly holds an important place in our social fabric. Depending on your view of the world, it’s either the day that couples get together and celebrate their relationship, […]

Top Spas and Salons to Enjoy on a Short Stay in Mayfair

If you’re looking to get your short stay in Mayfair off to a good start, then there are few better ways to do that then enjoying a relaxing day down at the spa or salon. […]

The Best Luxury Afternoon Tea Spots Near Mayfair

There’s nothing more British than afternoon tea – and no better way to sample some of our fantastic local culture than going to one of these fantastic luxury spots. Whether its scones or sandwiches, tea […]

London Theatres Experience 2017 Tourist Boom

Over the course of 2017, London’s theatre industry sold over 15 million tickets – the highest number since records began. According to the Society of London Theatre, this marks unprecedented success for the industry. As […]

Top Destinations for Your London Easter Trip

If you’re spending some time in London over the Easter period, you’ll want to make it a memorable occasion, and sample some of the best London events and attractions you can. Here’s a quick look […]

Stepping into Spring with the Chelsea Flower Show

If you’re looking for an opportunity to make the most of your short stay in Mayfair serviced apartments this spring, then don’t miss the incredible Chelsea Flower Show. This year, the event features a host […]

The Top 3 Benefits of a Serviced Apartment in London

If you’re planning a trip to London this year and you’re tired of searching for accommodation, then consider a serviced apartment in London as the ultimate hotel alternative for a luxurious stay. Not only are […]

Where to Spend a May Day in Mayfair

As May draws ever closer, and the spring showers turn into hot summer days – we’re finally starting to get some excuses to enjoy the outdoors in London. And you know what that means – […]

Best Italian Restaurants to Enjoy During Your Short Stay in Mayfair

With summer weather comes summer food – and nobody knows how to do cuisine that suits the heat like the Mediterraneans. So there’s surely no better time than now to enjoy the best Italian restaurants […]

London Serviced Apartments Brace for Record Tourism in 2018

Following record numbers of tourists visiting the UK capital in summer 2017, London serviced apartments and hotel apartments in London everywhere brace themselves once again for another record-breaking year. This means accommodation and attractions are […]

Hidden London: The London Nature Spots You’ve Never Heard Of

If you’re a regular in our hotel apartments in London, there’s a good chance you know some of the most popular and world famous green spots around Central London and Mayfair. But you might be surprised to […]

Serviced Apartments in London: London’s Finest Place to Stay

Whether you’re coming to conduct business, enjoy a family holiday or visit friends and relatives in the capital, you’re going to want to find the best place to rest your head during your short stay […]

Your Perfect Business Trip at Serviced Apartments in Central London

f you’re travelling to London on business, there are a few things you’ll want from your accommodation – not all of which your average hotel can provide. That’s why serviced apartments in Central London are so […]

Summer Theatre for Your Short Stay in Mayfair

You short stay in Mayfair isn’t just going to be fine cuisine and business trips. When you’re coming along to our serviced apartments in Mayfair, you’ve got a whole world of live theatrical events just moments […]

The Rise and Rise of Serviced Apartments in Central London

The amount of individual Serviced Apartments around the world has increased by 23.7% in just two years, according to the latest GSAIR Global Serviced Apartments Industry report for 2018-2019. That makes in total over a million serviced apartments […]

Summer Food and Drink Festivals for your Short Stay in Mayfair

It’s summer in London – and we all know what that means. That’s right: utter chaos as the whole city realises how completely unadapted to extreme weather we are… But when we’re not doing that […]