Your Perfect Business Trip at Serviced Apartments in Central London

f you’re travelling to London on business, there are a few things you’ll want from your accommodation – not all of which your average hotel can provide. That’s why serviced apartments in Central London are so well loved by business travellers from all over the world. Here’s everything you need to know to share in the secret!

Why serviced apartments in Central London?

When you visit a city on business, you’ll likely expect a few things from your accommodation that you wouldn’t as a tourist. You’ll want to be somewhere that’s comfortable after a long day’s hard work, and easy to access from Central London for your short stay in Mayfair.

Just like home

The other benefit of a serviced apartment in Central London, is that the facilities make you feel more at home than you would in a hotel. They don’t call it an apartment for nothing – for the length of your stay, you’ll can use all the facilities you’d expect in a full apartment, including kitchen, sound system, fast Wi-Fi and a functional phone.

Privacy with serviced apartments in Central London

Of course, the best part about serviced apartments in Central London, is that you can be in the middle of this desirable location, whilst still getting all the benefits of a quiet and relaxing retreat.

Our Clarges Street and Shaw House serviced apartments in Mayfair are comfortable and quiet places to stay for business people who’ve been working hard all day during their short stay in Mayfair.

If you want to find out more about serviced apartments in Central London check out the full range of rooms.

Alternatively, contact us on 0207 629 0763 to find out more.

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