The Rise and Rise of Serviced Apartments in Central London

The amount of individual Serviced Apartments around the world has increased by 23.7% in just two years, according to the latest GSAIR Global Serviced Apartments Industry report for 2018-2019. That makes in total over a million serviced apartments currently around the world, up in 2016 from just over 820,000. This comes as tourism, particularly in London reaches record heights – and demand for serviced apartments in Central London seems only to increase.

The rise in serviced apartments in Central London

The way we see things, serviced apartments in Central London and elsewhere increased in popularity over the past few years for a few very good reasons.

As tourism develops and the developed world shakes off the shackles of the financial crisis – people have more money to spend on trips around the world. Having convenient, comfortable or even luxurious places to stay while they do this is becoming more and more desirable and viable.

Increasingly however, hotels are also beginning to lose their appeal. Being able to stay in somewhere comfortable, whilst maintaining all the conveniences of being at home is becoming a more desirable option – particularly for those travelling on business or for conferences.

Choose short let apartments in Mayfair for your London trip

If you, like plenty of other people around the world, have decided that a serviced apartment in Central London is the right choice for you, then you should certainly consider one of our wide selection right here in Mayfair.

As well as being among the finest short let apartments in Mayfair or Central London, they also come with the added benefit of being incredibly well located in Central London. Wherever you need to be on your trip, there’s a good chance it’ll be right around the corner from this prime Central London location.

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