Add Some Roman History to Your Short Stay in Mayfair

We love London’s big attractions as much as the next man, but there’s something special about finding a more unusual selection of tourist attractions during your short stay in Mayfair.

As many of you may know, London was first established in 43AD as Londinium, a town built by the Romans after their invasion of Britain. Back then, the settlement was barely 2 square kilometres large, and spanned the boundaries roughly covered today by the City of London.

Though the original settlement is long since history, there are just a few glimpses of old Londinium to be seen by those intrepid adventurers willing to go and look for them. For those of you fascinated by ancient history, read on for some fantastic Roman attractions to see during your short stay in Mayfair.

London Wall

The London Wall was built some years after the original settlement was established, and once surrounded the entire settlement of Londinium. It was likely used as a defence against attacks from rebelling British tribes, and would have been one of the most impressive building projects to take place in Roman Britain.

Today, the best surviving section of the wall is just north of the Tower of London, and is free to visit any day of the week.

London Amphitheatre

The remains of the London Amphitheatre were discovered in the mid-eighties, when the Guildhall Art Gallery was being refurbished. It seems this grandiose wooden structure was built merely decades after the establishment of the Londinium settlement, and its remains lie under the gallery to this day, complete with a host of exciting tours available, just a short distance away from your Central London Serviced Apartment.

Billingsgate Roman Baths

Located near Monument Underground Station on Lower Thames Street, the fantastic remnants of these original Roman Baths are preserved beneath a 1960s office block. With much of the original Roman foundations remaining intact, this is a great way to get a glimpse into what was an essential part of life in Roman Britain.

Whether you’re planning to come and see some of the best surviving remnants of Londinium, or you just want to see all the other essential tourist attractions London has to offer, you’ll want somewhere stylish and comfortable to rest after a long day’s adventure.


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