Top Japanese Restaurants to Enjoy During a Short Stay in Mayfair

While Japanese Cuisine might not be what London is famous for, it certainly has some phenomenal options to offer. In fact, it’s probably not too far-fetched a statement to suggest that London is home to some of the finest Japanese restaurants outside of Japan.

So if you’re looking to enjoy some of the best Japanese cuisine that London has to offer while you’re here on your short stay in Mayfair, we’d certainly recommend having a look round these exciting destinations, right on the doorstep of your London serviced apartments.

ROKA Mayfair

If you’re looking for the authentic taste of Japan right around the corner from your Mayfair serviced apartments, then ROKA will almost certainly be the treat you’re looking for. This exclusive restaurant blends all the fine Japanese culture, cuisine and traditions with a sophisticated metropolitan design that makes it perfect for its London location.


This Michelin starred London restaurant stands on the first floor of the Metropolitan Hotel on Park Lane, and is well known for its innovative contemporary Japanese cuisine, with heavy influences of traditional Tokyo cooking styles. Why not pop by Nobu on your walk back home down Park Lane, and enjoy a meal you’ll certainly remember during your short stay in Mayfair?


Now Gordon Ramsay might not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think of Japanese cuisine, but stick with the Maze Restaurant – it may surprise you. As well as having been awarded a Michelin star, this Mayfair restaurant is well known for offering some of the best sushi in London.

If you just can’t wait for your opportunity to sample some of London’s best culinary attractions, then why don’t you get started and book your short stay in Mayfair today? Have a look through our range of Mayfair serviced apartments to find out more.

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