Fabulous holidays close to the famous Jermyn Street

Jermyn Street, elegant and discreet, this street running parallel to the famed and wide Piccadilly. It is a one-lane, one-way street, half a kilometer long, close to the latest gentlemen’s clubs and Clarence House, the residence of the perpetual pretender to the Crown, Prince Charles. Jermyn’s charm lies in its classic and select shops, dedicated to pleasing the timeless gentleman, especially when it comes to shirts.

In Jermyn Street, Prince of Wales fabric is always in fashion, like the ineffable two-tone collared coats, or those houndstooth blazers in garish tones that in the end only Nigel Farage, champion of the pints and leader of the Europhobic UKIP party, seems to dare to wear. The street was built in 1664 and named after a 17th century politician and diplomat, Henry Jermy, the first Earl of St Albans, who worked for the restoration of the monarchy after the head of Charles I literally fell off.

Despite the fact that many shops have been refurbished and that, fortunately for the common man, some of them offer four shirts for a hundred pounds, Jermyn still retains its old-world charm, not for nothing is it guarded in perpetuity by the statue dedicated to Beu Brummell, the epitome of dandyism. There remains Turnbull & Asser, founded at the end of the 19th century and Churchill’s shirt supplier. Others have become multinational firms known throughout the world, such as Hackett, Thomas Pink, Alfred Dunhill or T.M. Lewin.

Jermyn Street is where Isaac Newton lived, boasts the oldest cheese shop still open, Paxton & Whitfield, dating from 1797, which even has the luxury of a doorman in pseudo-military uniform welcoming the select clientele. There are perfumeries with a legendary aroma, such as Floris, 280 years old.

After stocking up on shirts he can close the tour with an opulent meal at Wiltons, at the end of the street, where they have the rare virtue in England of not attacking the fish.

If after reading these lines you feel like exploring London’s most famous streets we show you our Jermyn Street apartment which is situated in St James, in between Green Park and Piccadilly Circus, a few hundred yards away from the famous Trafalgar Square and walking distance from Soho, Bond Street and the busy shopping streets that London has to offer.

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