Autumn Attractions to Visit During Your Short Stay in Mayfair

You don’t often hear about travelling to London in the autumn, but what you might not know is that it’s one of the best times of the year to visit the city. Sure, summer is great – but with all the bustling crowds of other tourists, it can often be difficult to appreciate the finest parts of this fantastic city.

So if you’re a fan of a quieter tourist experience, or just want to see what London’s like when all the tourists have left, then a short stay in Mayfair in the autumn is definitely for you. Here are some great ideas for what to get up to in London this autumn.

London Cocktail Festival

This year’s London Cocktail Festival is a fantastic idea if you’re looking to sample some of London’s best bars during your trip. Featuring a wide range of alcohol-related events, this is the world’s biggest cocktail festival.

If you’re around London this autumn, it’s certain to be an experience you’ll either never remember or never forget.

Ride the mail train

You might not know, but as well as the various underground lines that carry passengers through London, there’s also one that used to carry mail. Open from the beginning of September, this attraction will be a great adventure to add to your short stay in Mayfair.

Though it closed some years ago, it’s being re-opened as a London tourist attraction this autumn.

Go to the park

Though London’s royal parks are open all year round, there’s something particularly fantastic about being at one with nature in this particular season. If you’re a fan of the colours of autumn, then London’s fantastic royal parks will be just what you’re looking for, with world renowned spaces like Hyde Park, Regent’s Park and Green Park all looking set to be decorated with autumnal reds and browns over the coming months.

What’s more is that all of these fantastic attractions are just a short journey away from our Central London serviced apartments.

Have a browse of our line up here – but make sure to book fast, since autumn’s mild temperatures will soon be giving way to winter.

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