3 Tips for a Christmas Short Stay in Mayfair to Remember

If you’re planning a Christmas getaway in London then you’re surely in for a holiday season to remember. London is truly beautiful this time of year, and taking the opportunity to see the city lit up in all its Christmas grandeur is surely worth the trip.

For those staying in London on Christmas day itself, you may find yourself at something of a loss as to how to spend your day – particularly if you’re here alone. So here are some of our top tips for how to spend Christmas day during your short stay in Mayfair.

Go for a Christmas walk in Central London

The traditional Christmas walk is legendary – and there’s no better place to do it than Central London. The normally busy streets of Mayfair, the City of London, the West End and others will be lit up in all their beauty over the period and will almost certainly be emptier on Christmas day than you’ll ever see them the rest of the year.

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity to get the most out of this period, and see a beautiful Central London in all its calmness, then there’s no better way to spend your day then an early morning stroll through the crisp winter air.

Go to the opera or ballet

There’s no time like Christmas for enjoying a little culture. And if you find yourself with time to spare on Christmas Eve of Christmas Day, why not see if there’s a rendition of that ever famous Christmas classic The Nutcracker playing at the Royal Ballet or elsewhere?

Or maybe dancing isn’t really your thing and you’d rather take the moment to enjoy a memorable showing of Die Zauberflöte at the opera?

Stay in and relax

Of course you don’t have to go out at all. You could make the most of the time you have to enjoy the solitude, stick on the TV, and enjoy the luxurious relaxation of your London serviced apartments. There’s nothing like Christmas to just wind down and take some time to yourself – so indulge!

It’s not too late to book your dream Christmas getaway. If you want to get going – then have a look through our range of Mayfair serviced apartments, and book your spot today.

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